Everything You Need to Know About Sous Vide Cooking

Everything You Need to Know About Sous Vide Cooking

Sous vide cooking had been popular in the past few years because of its ability to enhance the taste, flavor, and juiciness of the food. It’s also an ideal option for people who wanted to switch to the healthier diet because it does not require any additives or fatty oils in cooking at all. You simply prepare the food, place it inside a sealed plastic bag, and let the sous vide immersion circulator do its wonders for you.
Here is an overview of sous vide cooking and a quick guide to help you choose the right machine among other brands available in the market.

Sous Vide Cooking

Sous vide cooking, typically, involves three simple steps to finish. It’s one of the reasons why many people are switching to this kind of cooking because it’s easy and hassle-free.

1. Pour enough water into the pot and attach it to the precision cooker. You can set the timer and temperature based on the recipe you are trying to cook.

2. Make sure that the food you prepared is inside a well-sealed plastic bag. No air should be inside. After it’s sealed, you can clip it to the side of the pot with water.

3. When the timer goes off, you can retrieve the plastic bag. Based on your personal preference, you can grill, boil, or sear the food to add crispness before you serve it to your family.

The benefits

Here are the following benefits of sous vide cooking. Rest assured that you don’t need to endure eating tasteless food anymore.

1. Consistency. No matter how many times you repeat the process, rest assured that you’ll be able to achieve consistent results in sous vide cooking

2. Enhanced taste. The food you have prepared with sous vide cooking is a lot tastier, juicer, and more tender.

3. Reduced waste. There is little to no food that dries out in sous vide cooking. Especially when you are preparing steak.

4. Healthier food. Considering the fact that you don’t need to use additives or oil, sous vide cooking is one of the best ways to switch to a healthier lifestyle and maintain a healthy diet.

5. Convenient. As what you can notice from the procedure above, all you need to do is prepare the food, put it inside sous vide bag, and wait for the machine to alarm. By the time you are finished with whatever you are working on, you have a healthy meal ready for consumption.

Sous vide machine

In order to achieve sous vide cooking, you need to buy the right sous vide machine. Here are the following factors that you should consider in buying one.

1. Manufacturer. You might want to ensure the quality of the machine by making sure that the manufacturer is reputable and is known for producing reliable machines. Read reviews from past customers.

2. Size. The bigger, the better. It’s a wise choice to buy a sous vide machine especially if you are serving a large family.

3. Water capacity. Similar to the size, the water capacity entails the amount of water that you should put as a limitation when using the machine. However, if you are living alone, there are sous vide machines specifically designed for preparing single meals


Sous vide cooking is indeed, a great way to enjoy healthy and tasty foods. Now, if you want to learn sous vide cooking (which is pretty simple, by the way), all you need to do is buy the right sous vide machine. Keep the above-mentioned tips when buying for the first time as it can help you make the right decision.